Today, I saw a movie Across the Universe unexpectedly, but I cannot but concentrate on that movie. Wow It is fantastic

Information on the movie:
This movie will be released February 14, 2008, in Korea. So not yet released.

If you like the band Beatles', you should see this movie. This movie starts with Beatles, follows Beatles, and end with Beatles. For my thought, the Beatles songs are selected first, and nest the plot is written followed by the songs. Hence you may feel that the story line and characters are unnatural, strange, and uncomfortable. These things may be happen at 60s, never appears now. But I forgive all these things. Its just the Beatless song Movie. There is no choice. This is full with ideas and passion. Some songs are remade for adapting actors who sing the songs. And these works are enough good for spouting the feelings. Actors sing a song well.


The comments on this movie are so various. Someone says it is perfect, like me, otherwise says this movie sinks. I understand both sides. The best way to feel this movie, just Feel the Beatles.

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