ICM 2014 Satellite Conference on 

Integral Quadratic Forms and Related Topics 

Where: Hyundai Hotel, Gyeongju, Korea 

When: 2014, August 7(Thu) - 11(Mon)

Web: http://qfconference.math.snu.ac.kr 



Chan, Wai Kiu (Wesleyan)

Kim, Myung-Hwan (Seoul National)

Oh, Byeong-Kweon (Seoul National)

Scharlau, Rudolf (Dortmund)

Schulze-Pillot, Rainer (Saarland)

List of Lectures:

2014, Agu. 7. (Thu)

Böcherer, Siegfried (Mannheim) On the genus version of the basis problem (survey)

Schürmann, Achill (Rostock) Finding certificates for completely positive quadratic forms

Cho, Sungmun (Toronto) A recipe for computing local densities with examples

Kirschmer, Markus (Aachen) Unimodular lattices with small mass

Watanabe, Takao (Osaka) Fundamental domains of arithmetic quotients of reductive groups

2014, Agu. 8. (Fir) 

Voight, John (Dartmouth) Quaternary quadratic forms and quaternion ideals

Murata, Manabu  (Ritsumeikan) On primitive solutions of quadratic Diophantine equations in four variables

Zeiner, Peter (Bielefeld) Similar submodules and coincidence site modules

Kühnlein, Stefan (Karlsruhe) Twisted Epstein zeta-functions and some counting problems in lattices

Fukshansky, Lenny (Claremont McKenna) On stability of ideal lattices from quadratic number fields

2014, Agu. 10. (Sun) 

Linowitz, Benjamin (Michigan) The arithmetic of quaternion orders and isospectral hyperbolic surfaces

Lauret, Emilio (Cordoba) One-norm isospectral lattices

G¨otze, Friedrich (Bielefeld) Distribution of Values of Quadratic Forms

Kim, Byeong Moon (Gangneung-Wonju National) Bidefinite Ternary Universal Quadratic Lattices over Real Quadratic Fields

Park, Poo-Sung (Kyungnam) Normal regular Hermitian lattices over imaginary quadratic fiields

Meyer, Nicolas (Southern Illinois) Determination of quadratic lattices by local structure and sublattices of codimension 1

2014, Agu. 11. (Mon) 

Li, Han (UT Austin) The Masser conjecture and representations of integral quadratic forms

Dietmann, Rainer (London) Intersections of cubic and quadric hypersurfaces

Arenas-Carmona, Luis (Chile) Invariant sets and quotient graphs

Mantilla-Soler, Guillermo (Lausanne) Weak arithmetic equivalence and the spinor genus of the integral trace

Xu, Fei (Capital Normal) Strong approximation for the total space of certain quadric fibrations with compact fibers

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