The first Joint Meeting of the AMS and the SOMACH

2010. 12. 15 - 2010. 12. 18
Pucon, Chile.

Special Session on Arithmetic of Quadratic Forms and Integral Lattices

Icaza, Maria Ines (Universidad de Talca)
Chan, Wai Kiu (Wesleyan University)
Baeza, Ricardo (Universidad de Talca)

2010. 12. 15
16:30 Morales, Jorge (Louisiana State University)  
        Siegel's mass formula and averages of Dirichlet L-fucntions over function fields
17:00 Ibukiyama, Tomoyoshi (Osaka University) 
        A trace formula of superspecial abelian surfaces with real multiplication

2010. 12. 16
08:30 Kim, Ji Young (Seoul National University) 
        Representations of binary regular Hermitian lattices
09:00 Arenas-Carmona, Luis (Universidad de Chile)
        Skew-Hermitian forms and representation elds
09:30 Haensch, Anna (Wesleyan University)
        Almost universal mixed sums of squares and triangular numbers
10:15 Linowitz, Benjamin (Dartmouth College)
        Embedding orders in central simple algebras
10:45 Beli, Constantin N. (Institute of Mathematics of the Rumanian Academy)
        Towards an invariant for the spinor genus

2010. 12. 17
08:30 Fukshansky, Lenny (Claremont Mckenna College) 
        On distribution of integral well-rounded lattices in the plane
09:00 Kumar, Abhinav (MIT)
        Lattices, periodic congurations and Gaussian potential energy
09:30 Velasquez, Juan Miguel (Universidad Nacional de Codoba)  
        On lattice quantizers in four dimensions
10:15 Lauret, Emilio (Universidad Nacional de Codoba) 
        On a new generalized Hermite constant
10:45 Watanabe, Takao (Osaka University)
        Values of 8-dimensional Hermite-Rankin constants
17:30 Leep, David (University of Kentucky)
        Levels and Pythagoras numbers of commutative rings
18:00 Henshaw, Glenn (Wesleyan University)
        Zeros of quadratic forms avoiding a hypersurface
18:30 Park, Poo-Sung  (Kyungnam University)
        Formal Gram matrices for quadratic lattices
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