KyungNam University, Mansan, Korea
2008. August 18 - 2008. August 21

List of Lectures

2008. 08. 18

Yang, Jae-Hyun Langlands Functoriality Conjecture
Lee, Yoonjin Class groups of global function fields
Lee, Jun Ho Evaluation of the Dedekind zeta functions at $s=-1$ of simplest quartic field

2008. 08. 19

Seo, Soogil $mathbb{Z}_p$ extensions and universal norm elements
Kang, Soon-Yi Mock modular forms that arise from a $q$-series summation formular
Park, Yoon Kyung On the Ramanujan's cubic continued fraction as modular function
박경호 A note on Genocchi numbers and polinomials
임수봉 Construction of Jacobi forms associated to infinite quadratic forms
Ahn, Jaehyun On the number of restricted irreducible factors of an polynomial in $F_q (T)$

2008. 08. 20

Lee, Jungyun Class number problems of real quadratic fields for Richaaud-Degert type
Jeon, Daeyeol Families of elliptic curves with prescribed torsion subgroups
Hiranouchi, Toshiro Class field theory of curves over local fields

2008. 08. 21

Kim, Daeyeoul Elliptic curves and matrix
Kim, Chang Heon Traces of singular moduli of arbitrary level modular functions
Kim, Min-Soo On $q$-euler numbers, polynomials and related $p$-adic integrals

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