Dongguk University, Gyeongju, Korea
2008. July 28 - 2008. August 1

This conference consist of 4 sections. One of section is a Number Theory Section.

List of Lecture ( Number Theory Section )

2008. 07. 28

Huang, Shuechin Torsion free subgroups with prescribed signatures in Fuchsian groups
Nogi, Toshihiro The number of holomorphic sections of a holomorphic family of Riemann surfaces induced by a certain Kodaira surface
Tsuboi, Shoji  Linear projections of rational threefolds
Kim, Yonggu and Shin, Hyun-Hee Basics for the max-plus linear systems
Pintér, Ákos Combinatorial geometry, diophantine equations and modular forms
Kim, Hyun Kwang Poly-Bernoulli numbers and lonesum matrices

2008. 07. 29

Simsek, Yilmaz Remarks on p-adic Dedekind type sums related to interpolation function of the Bernoulli polynomials
Lee, Jungyun Special Values of Hecke's L-functions of real quadratic fields and relared problems
Lee, Jaeun Enumerating coverings
Akiyoshi, Hirotaka Side parameter for the punctured torus groups
Cho, Bumkyu and Koo, Ja Kyung Construction of class fields over imaginary quadratic fields and applications
Choi, Dohoon Twisted traces of CM values of modular functions

2008. 07. 31

Moon, Hyunsuk Mordell-Weil groups of abelian varieties over infinite Galois extensions
Koo, Ja Kyung and Shin, Dong Hwa Generation of ray class fields by elliptic units
Choi, So Young The arithmetic of coefficients of Drinfeld modular forms
Kim, Ji Young Finiteness theorems for representability of Hermitian lattices and Kloosterman problem
Kim, Daeyeoul Divisor functions and modular forms
Kim, Nam Min Affine models of the modular curves X(p) and its application
Lee, Joon Yop On polytope numbers
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